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Overview Speech and Desktop Analytics

  • inContact Speech and Desktop Analytics delivers business value sooner, without the need for lengthy upfront assessments or calibration periods
  • Effortlessly capture and quantify your biggest call drivers
  • Results are intuitively displayed within the interface, and are easily fine-tuned
  • Phonetics-based engine delivers accurate, near real-time results, compatible with non-standard words such as jargon, slang, and foreign words
  • Automate your approach in monitoring, capturing, and analyzing desktop activity
  • Ensure payment card industry (PCI) compliance: desktop analytics for organizations processing credit card transactions

inContact Speech and Desktop Analytics solution enhances a quality management program with actionable data from audio and screen recordings. Enable efficient measurement of quality management processes with quantifiable data, and enhance compliance visibility by bringing leveraging advanced analytics. inContact’s Speech and Desktop Analytics is a phonetics-based speech analytics solution that quickly locates key words and phrases contained within call recordings, identifying opportunities to leverage business intelligence, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiencies across your organization.​

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  • Improve Agent Performance Through Effective Insight

    inContact Speech and Desktop Analytics provide organizations with a valuable top-down view of performance across their entire operation. Near real-time indicators of potential compliance issues makes fast intervention possible, improving both agent performance and customer satisfaction. Adding inContact Quality Management and inContact Coaching and Training allows you to provide your employees with targeted behavioral coaching where it can make the biggest impact.

  • Actionable Business Intelligence

    The inContact Speech and Desktop Analytics engine is capable of making multiple searches across thousands of recorded calls to identify valuable business intelligence. Quickly identify and retrieve calls that contain mentions of competitors, phrases indicative of decreased customer satisfaction, and other service-level KPIs.

  • Automate Your Approach in Monitoring, Capturing, and Analyzing Desktop Activity

    inContact’s Speech and Desktop Analytics application integrates seamlessly with your employee desktop workstations to extract relevant data from their web browsers and other utilities. Desktop Analytics is a game changer for contact centers giving your company the ability to identify opportunities for improvement in processes, experiences, and performance.

  • Reduced Corporate Liabilities Through Increased Risk Management

    inContact Speech and Desktop Analytics significantly improves risk management capabilities with the unique ability to monitor up to 100% of calls, enabling a complete view into corporate risk that leaves nothing on the table. Identify recordings where regulatory scripting is misstated or missed for targeted coaching and risk management.

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